Common Questions

How Can I Submit Spirits For Review On Distiller?

Every year, we review thousands of spirits for publication on and in our iOS and Android apps. Each review is done by our panel of industry experts called The Tasting Table.

We review spirits that are widely available and interesting to our readers, so we tend to focus on spirits that are either highly sought after or available in most major markets within the United States.

Our editorial team determines which products we will review and when those reviews will be published. Requesting a review does not guarantee a review, and any products submitted without all of the appropriate information will not be reviewed.

Below you'll find answers to the most common questions regarding reviews within Distiller. Please read all of the questions before reaching out with questions or submitting a review request.

How Do You Decide Which Products To Review?  

Our goal is to spend our time and money on reviews that will be of interest to the majority of our readers. Therefore, if your product has limited distribution or small production quantities, we may not review it. Be sure to include all pertinent information and call out anything special about your product that may prompt us to forego those rules and review your product when you submit your review request.

If I Don't Submit My Product For Review, Might You Review It Anyway? 

Yes, we might. If it's something that our readers might find interesting we may purchase it on our own in order to review it.

If I Don't Like A Review Or Disagree With The Score, Can I Do Anything To Change It?

If you disagree with the score or tasting notes that we have assigned your product, there is nothing you can do to change that score or those tasting notes. However, if you believe that we have published factual errors in the product description you can reach us at to inform us of those errors. We will evaluate your request and make corrections if appropriate.

How Long Does It Take For My Product To Be Reviewed?

It can take several months to review your product and post our review once we have received samples. We prioritize certain products depending on interest from our readers. We also assign products to specific reviewers based on their areas of expertise, so some types of products may take longer to review depending on the backlog a specific reviewer or team has.

Can I Contact You To Find Out When My Review Will Be Published?

No. We will not be able to provide a publish date or any update on the status of your review. Please do not contact us to ask for an update.

When My Product Is Reviewed, Where Will It Appear?

All reviews are posted at 3am Pacific Time on the day they are published. They will instantly go live on and in our mobile apps. The review will be featured on our homepage for the first few days, then will be cycled off and replaced by newer reviews. We often re-publish reviews to give them more time on the homepage. Our reviews will also begin showing up in search engine results shortly after being published. We do not alert brands when their products have been reviewed.

Is There A Fee To Submit My Product?

There is currently no fee to process your product for review. There is also no way to pay for your product to receive a more favorable review.

You Reviewed My Product, But I Don't Like The Tasting Notes That Your Users Are Leaving On My Product Page.

Every year millions of users from all over the world come to Distiller to read reviews, learn about spirits and track what they've been tasting. Our platform is open to the public, so users are free to express their own opinions in their tasting notes. If you believe that your product is being intentionally targeted to bring down the average user rating, please flag the suspicious content and our moderation team will review the request. If you feel that a user has violated our Community Guidelines, please flag the offending content.

You Reviewed My Product In The Past, But The Product Has Changed. Can We Submit For A Re-review?

If we've reviewed your product in the past but the liquid inside the bottle has changed even though the product name and packaging have not, then we may consider a re-review. We cannot guarantee a re-review, however. While filling out our Review Request Form (more information below), please list all pertinent information and explain the differences in the product. This will enable us to make an educated decision about whether a product warrants a re-review or not.

How Do I Submit A Product For Review?

NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic we are no longer accepting samples sent directly to our office for review. Instead, please fill out this product review request form. We will reach out to co-ordinate the shipment of samples if we are interested in reviewing your product(s).

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