Our Review Process

Distiller's Tasting Table experts review every single kind of distilled spirit for the Distiller platform.  

Review Criteria 

We try to focus on spirits that fit the following criteria: 

  • Products with widespread distribution
  • Products with interesting stories and/or people behind them  
  • Impressive new products or new approaches to production

Review Process

Once a brand submits a review request our content team looks into the request. If it meets our criteria, we'll reach out to the brand requesting samples be sent to our offices.  

We also track new releases via announcements and press releases, and request samples where possible.  

From there, our Tasting Table experts evaluate the product nose, taste and finish before writing a review.  

The Review Is Made Up Of Three Main Parts

  1. The description: Each product has a researched description that takes note of things like availability, production details, quantity, mash bill, ingredients, and other brand or product specifics. 
  2. The tasting notes: Each product has a few sentences of tasting notes intended to help our users understand what a product tastes like without having to purchase the product themselves. We take note of strong smells, tastes and lingering notes. 
  3. The flavor profile: Each product that is reviewed by our Tasting Table experts has a flavor profile made up of 14 different flavor points. These flavor points are different for every different spirit category. Our experts assign values to each flavor profile to give you a visual interpretation of the tastes found within the spirit. 

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