Commenting & Liking Tastes

Users can comment on and like any public Tastes within the Distiller system. If you don't want users commenting on or liking your Tastes, be sure to save your Tastes as private when you post them. 

Commenting & Liking Tastes on

To comment on or like a Taste on, click the Tastes tab on any spirit page. 

On every Tastes that has been posted for a spirit, you'll see a Comment and Like button. 

Tastes, comments and likes of users that you follow will also appear in your Activity Feed where you'll be able to interact with them yourself. 

Commenting & Liking Tastes on the Distiller mobile app

To comment on or like a Taste in the Distiller mobile app, tap the 'Read # User Tastes' button on any spirit page. 

Next to every user Taste you'll see a Heart and Comment bubble icon. Tap the Heart icon to like that Taste and tap the Comment bubble to start a new comment. 

You can also share each Taste or Flag it if you believe that it's inappropriate.

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