Flavor Tags

In addition to all of the things you could already do when adding reviews to Distiller, you can now also add flavor tags. 

Adding flavor tags 

Using the new Distiller application, you can add flavor tags to all of your reviews. On the initial review screen you'll see the most commonly used flavor tags for that spirit for quick and easy access. If you'd like to add different flavors, you can tap the Show more tags button. From this screen you'll be able to Search available tags or scroll through the list and tap as many as you'd like.  

How are flavor tags used? 

The flavor tags that you add to your reviews are used to calculate the flavor profile on each spirit page. The three most commonly used flavors will make up the flavor profile. 

Where did these flavor tags come from? 

Distiller users have created more than 1.2 million reviews with thousands more being added every month. We scanned all of these reviews and pulled out the most prominent and commonly used flavors from all of those reviews, combined them with our existing list of flavor profiles, and worked with our Tasting Table experts to add additional flavors. What we came away with was a list of 84 flavor tags that could be used across most or all spirit types.

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