Tastes & User Reviews

In the new Distiller app we've made a few changes to how you can create your own reviews of spirits. 

Changes to reviews

In the previous version of the app, user reviews of spirits were known as Tastes. In order to make the new application more user friendly, we've changed the name to simply call them Reviews

What's new with reviews?

We've made a handful of changes to how reviews work in the new Distiller app. 

  • Flavor tags
    • Now when you're creating a review of a spirit you can also add flavor tags to denote the most prominent flavors that you're tasting. You can add as many tags as you'd like. These flavor tags are used by the app to generate the new flavor profiles that you see on each spirit page. 
  • Images
    • Now in addition to giving a spirit a rating, tasting notes, flavor tags, location and price paid, you can also add an image of the spirit you're sipping. Whether you want to share a photo of the bottle, your glass, or something else you're seeing as you try that spirit, you can now add images to your reviews. You have the option to either take a photo and upload it, or select a photo from your camera roll. 
    • Note: Images are moderated and uploading images that violate our Terms of Service may result in being banned from the app. 

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