What are the Distiller Pro Exclusive Features?

Distiller Pro members receive Pro-exclusive features.

Pro List Features

Exclusively for Distiller Pro members, in the Distiller mobile app, you can add bottle quantities and Notes to spirits within your lists. To change the quantity, within any list, click on the spirit you wish to update, then click on the tilted bottle icon at the bottom of the page to update the quantity. This number is unique to the list and completely private to you.

To add a Note to a spirit, within any list, click on the spirit then click “+ ADD NOTE”. All of your previous notes will be visible in this area as well. Notes are unique to the lists they’re written on and are completely private to you. Beyond privacy, Notes are separate from tastes and more of an area to write any extra info you want to save for yourself about the spirit.

Exporting Tastes

Pro members have the ability to export all of their Tastes. Simply head to the Settings on the Distiller mobile app or the Pro subscription management page on the Distiller website to download your Tastes in CSV format.

Additional Features

Distiller Pro users receive a completely advertising-free experience on Distiller, plus exclusive Pro Perks including discounts and giveaways. Pro users also receive a special Pro-only badge next to their profile picture everywhere they show up in Distiller.

To become a Distiller Pro member, head to the Distiller Pro signup page

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