Our Company Values

Here at Distiller we are very serious about the way we do business, our code of conduct, and our values. This list represents the rules we've had in place since day one.

1. Our reviews can never be bought.

If you were ever curious if a brand paid us to give them the rating they got, or if they'd be able to pay us to make it better, the answer is NO. NEVER. You may love our reviews, or disagree with them, but you can be assured that no matter what, they're our opinions and ours alone.

2. We will never sell your personal information or contact information.

Many services will sell your personal information to third party marketing agencies who will call you, email you, text you, and generally bother you. If you ever end up on one of these lists, we promise it wasn't because of us.

3. We're serious about your data.

You've spent days, weeks, months, even years building up the data in your Distiller profile, and we really care about that. That's why we take your data so seriously. We back up our back ups of our back ups with back ups... and so on and so forth. It's not going anywhere!

4. Always strive to do more and be better.

It may not get said quite enough, but it truly means the world to us that you're using Distiller and telling your family, friends, bartenders, and store owners about us. You're making it possible for us to work here by helping us grow, and we don't take that lightly. We believe that in return for your support we always need to strive to make Distiller bigger, better, stronger, faster, and more fun. We're spirits enthusiasts just like you, and we built Distiller because we wanted a tool like this to exist, but nobody had built it yet. We owe it to you and ourselves to keep making it better every single day.

5. Distiller is for everyone.

Put simply, if you're interested in learning more about whisk(e)y and other spirits, we want this to be the best place to be. That means keeping the community friendly and open to people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, opinions, and beliefs. Everyone is welcome here. We take violations of this rule very seriously, so if you ever feel that another user is behaving in an offensive manner towards you, please contact us immediately at hello@distiller.com. As the immortal Wyld Stallyns once said, be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

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