Community Guidelines

We created Distiller to give spirits enthusiasts and appreciators a fun and safe space to discuss all things spirits. Help us foster this community by being respectful to other users and making contributions that others will find helpful. 

Please do not use Distiller to conduct or participate in harmful or disruptive activities, such as the ones listed below. Participating in the following activities, or any other activity that disrupts Distiller, may terminate your Account and access to Distiller.

  • Sharing or posting racist/sexist/hate speech of any kind. 
  • Sharing or posting spam. 
  • If you work with or are in any way associated with a brand, leaving biased ratings and reviews to artificially influence average ratings or public opinion of your competitor’s brand or the brand that you are associated with.
  • Disparaging, intimidating, or otherwise harassing other users for any reason.  
  • Sharing and posting other users’ personal details like their name, address, phone number, etc. 

Although we want all users to follow these Community Guidelines, we have no obligation to monitor users’ Content that they submit to the Service. However, if we do see Content that is in violation of these Community Guidelines or the Terms, we reserve the right to edit or remove the Content. If you believe that someone is violating these Community Guidelines or the Terms, please let us know by contacting us at

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