How Does Distiller Pro Pricing Work?

Distiller Pro members pay $10 a year in a single payment. Once you sign up, we’ll charge the card you provided and your account will be active for 12 months. 30 days before your 12 month period is set to end we will notify you of your upcoming renewal. If you’d like to continue with Distiller Pro, you don’t have to do anything.  

Your account will be automatically renewed. If you do not wish to renew, you can cancel your Distiller Pro membership at any time on your Distiller Pro management page. Your membership will remain active for the full 12 month period regardless of when you cancel, and your membership will not automatically renew. You will then transition into a Distiller Basic account, which is free and shows you advertisements.  

Your Distiller Pro badge will also disappear. You can re-join Distiller Pro at any time. If you delete your account your Distiller Pro membership will also be canceled. You can update your payment details at any time on your Distiller Pro membership page. For more information about how your information is stored you can read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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