What Is The Tasting Table?

Every spirit that is reviewed within the Distiller system is assigned to a member of the Tasting Table. These are spirits industry professionals from all over the world with highly refined palates and intimate knowledge of the spirits they cover. We interview and vet each Tasting Table member extensively to establish the refinement of their palate as well as how deep their knowledge of spirits is.   

Each Tasting Table member is assigned to one or more spirit categories, depending on their level of knowledge on the subject. For instance, one reviewer may be an expert in the field of Gins, but does not have as much knowledge regarding Rum and other sugarcane spirits. So that reviewer will only review Gins for Distiller. 

Furthermore, members of the Tasting Table are prohibited from working for a brand in the category that they review to prevent any possible conflicts of interest.  

Lastly, members of the Tasting Table are explicitly prohibited from accepting any payment or other incentives from brands to positively influence the scores they give to a spirit when reviewing. 

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