Using Lists

One of the many features you'll find in Distiller is the ability to create and manage lists of spirits. These can be lists of spirits you've tried at events, products you hope to try someday, or even products you don't like and want to avoid. You can use lists in any way you wish. By default, your Distiller account comes with three lists when you create your account. These are Collection, Top Shelf and Wishlist.

Creating Lists in the Distiller app

To create a custom list in Distiller, you'll need to use the Distiller mobile app for iOS or Android. Once you're logged in, head to the “Lists” tab on the bottom right of your screen. 

On that page, simply tap “Create Spirit List” to create a new list. Set the list name, add a description and decide if you want to make it Public (visible to anyone who visits your profile) or Private (visible to only you) — this can all be changed later. These changes can also be made to existing lists and changed whenever you want with the “Manage” button. From there you can also delete your list if you so desire.

Adding Spirits To Lists on

To add spirits to these lists you'll need to go to the page of each spirit you want to add to your lists.  

On the right side of every spirit page you'll see the names of your lists. Simply click the name of the list you want to add that spirit to and it will be added to that list. You'll also have the ability to go to the list page after adding a spirit to a list. 

To create a custom list you need to download and log in to the Distiller mobile app for iOS and Android. 

Adding Spirits To Lists in the Distiller app

To add spirits to your lists using the Distiller mobile app, search from inside any list for the spirit you’d like to add. You can also add a spirit to your list from any spirit details page. You can find it using the Search tool. 

When you're on the page of the spirit that you'd like to add to one (or multiple) of your lists, tap the “Add To My Lists” button.  

Once added, you can click on the spirit to see more details or swipe to delete or add to another list.

Searching and Filtering Lists in the Distiller App

When using the Distiller mobile app you can Search for and Filter your lists and the spirits in your lists.  

On the main Lists page, the search bar consists of three icons. The first is “Sort By”. Tap this button to sort your lists by date or alphabetically. The second icon allows you to “Filter” your lists by spirit styles. The final button opens the search bar where you can type in the list name, words in the list description or specific spirits to locate corresponding lists.

Once inside a list, two more icons appear. The first (represented by two stacked squares) is the “Copy” button. Tap to copy the spirits in the current list into another or to create an entirely new list made up of the same spirits. (You can copy other public lists too!) The other button (square with arrow) is a “Share” button which allows you to externally share a link to your list. You’ll also notice that the “Sort By” button has different options including Distiller Score, Community Rating, Your Rating, Oldest In List, Newest In List and Alphabetically.  With “Search” you can search for specific spirits or Spirit Notes (a Distiller Pro exclusive feature).

To clear your sorting or filtering options simply tap the “Reset List” button.

Removing Spirits From Lists

Removing a spirit from one of your lists is easy whether you're using the mobile app or the website. 

To remove a spirit from your lists in the mobile app, swipe left on the spirit and select “DELETE”.  

To remove spirits from Lists on, simply click the “X” icon to the right of the spirit. 

Editing Your List Settings

When using the Distiller mobile app you'll be able to manage the settings of any lists that you create. Go to one of your custom lists and tap”Manage” in the top left of the screen. From this screen you'll be able to rename your list, change its description and privacy settings, or delete it.

Distiller Pro Exclusive List Features

Exclusively for Distiller Pro members, you can now add bottle quantities and Notes to spirits within your lists in the Distiller app. To change the quantity, within any list, click on the spirit you wish to update, then click on the tilted bottle icon at the bottom of the page to update the quantity. This number is unique to the list and completely private to you.

To add a Note to a spirit, within any list, click on the spirit then click “+ ADD NOTE”. All of your previous notes will be visible in this area as well. Notes are unique to the lists they’re written on and are completely private to you. Beyond privacy, Notes are separate from tastes and more of an area to write any extra info you want to save for yourself about the spirit.

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