In the previous Distiller app the navigation bar included five items. In the new app, things have been simplified. Now there are only four menu items. 

The new navigation menu

The new application has four menu items.

New items

  • Search
    • This is your home screen that you will see first every time you open the Distiller app. From this screen you can search for any spirit, style, country, and if you're a Pro member, flavor. You can also tap spirit categories and styles to get lists of those types of spirits. 
  • Scan
    • This is a Distiller Pro feature that allows you to quickly and easily scan any bottle's barcode. When you scan a barcode that is in Distiller's system, you'll land on the page for that spirit. The database has tens of thousands of verified and matched UPCs. 
  • Lists
    • This is where your Lists live. You can create new lists, rename and edit lists, delete lists and add new spirits directly to lists using the new Search function in each list.
  • Feed
    • The feed is filled with content both from the people you follow, as well as high quality content from around the community. This will make discovering new people to follow simpler and easier, and you'll never run out of new reviews to read. 

Where did my old menu items go?

  • Home
    • The home content feed is no longer in the application. Articles and new reviews live on the Home (Search) screen in the top right as well as in your profile. A red dot will appear on the icon when a new article or review has been posted.
  • Review button
    • The universal review button from the old application has been removed. To add a review of any spirit, go to the page for that spirit and tap the large Add Review button at the bottom of the screen.

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