Export Lists & Reviews

As a Distiller Pro member, you were always able to export your personal reviews. With the new Distiller app you're able to export your Lists as well!

How to export lists & reviews

Exporting your lists and reviews is easy to do in both the new app and on Distiller.com. When you export your lists and reviews they'll be automatically downloaded as .csv files.

You will need to be a Distiller Pro member, and logged in to your account to export your lists & reviews. 

To export your lists and reviews on the new Distiller app: 

  • Open the app and visit the home/search screen
  • In the top left of the screen you'll see your profile picture and name. Tap it. 
  • On your profile, scroll down to the white portion of the screen until you see the Export button. Tap it. 
  • From this page you can export your lists & reviews as many times as you want as long as you're a Distiller Pro member. 

To export your lists and reviews on Distiller.com: 

  • Go to the Distiller.com homepage and click My Profile.
  • Scroll down until you see Settings, and click that.
  • Beneath the Save Changes button you will see two buttons for Export Reviews and Export Lists

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