Activity Feed

The new activity feed makes discovering new spirits and new people to follow much easier. 

The new feed

The new Distiller feed has been remodeled to make it even easier to discover new spirits and people to follow. Now, in addition to content from the people you follow, your feed will also have high quality content from around the Distiller community. 

What content will show up in my feed? 

The first content you will see in your feed comes from the people that you follow. If people you follow are posting reviews of spirits you will see those reviews before anything else. You will also now see content that is considered to be high quality. 

What makes reviews show up in the feed?

Reviews that have the following are more likely to show up in the Feed: 

  • 0-5 star rating
  • Well written tasting notes
  • An image attached
  • High levels of interaction (likes and comments)

This new feed will make discovering new people to follow fun and easy.

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