In the new Distiller app, the Search tool has been vastly improved. Not only can users now search spirits and get quick suggested results, but countries, styles, and if you're a Distiller Pro member, flavors are also included. 

How the new search works 

Now when you open the Distiller app you'll land right on the new Search page. Tap the search bar and begin typing. You can search by spirit name, country, and spirit style. Distiller Pro members will also be able to search for spirits by flavors. 

You will be able to select results from the quick search pop down, or by tapping See All at the top of the results page to get a more detailed view of the results along with images and scores.  

If you're not sure exactly what you're looking for and just want to browse, you can tap the spirit type on the Search page, then a corresponding spirit style to get a list of popular spirits of that type. 

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